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(Thanks to Phil for this photo from backstage in Munduk.  It breaks every rule of photographic composition and I love it.)



Here are a few scans of newspaper articles from Bali that have featured GSJ!  (Hopefully they're high-resolution enough to be legible . . .)


From the July 5th front page of Nusa Bali -- we hadn't even performed yet in Bali at this point.  This article talks about the "virus" of interest in jegog music spreading to the U.S.  (The photo, by the way, was from our busking session at the Berkeley farmers' market, provided to the newspaper by Gede Oka).

Ah, Jembrana

Suzanne in the gardens of the Suar Agung sanggar


Sukses di PKB!


Chapter 2: in which we get whipped into shape

These Are Your Hands on Jegog...

We're here!



                Om Swastiastu to all of you dear ones in America.  The jegog tour to Bali is officially underway – and our schedule is galloping along with a vengeance!

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