Board of Directors

Micah Lubensky— Board Chair
Program Manager, The PRIDE Study/PRIDEnet, UC San Francisco
PhD & MS, UC Santa Cruz, Psychology (Social)
BA, UC Berkeley, Psychology, minor in Music
Joined Gamelan Sekar Jaya Board 2013


Rachel Cooper — Founder
Director, Global Performing Arts and Special Cultural Initiatives, Asia Society
Founded Gamelan Sekar Jaya: 1979

Michael Tenzer — Founder
Professor of Music, University of British Columbia, Vancouver
Founded Gamelan Sekar Jaya: 1979

Jim Hogan — Founding Member
Executive Director, California Youth Symphony
Joined Gamelan Sekar Jaya Board: 1983


Debbie Lloyd — 
Founding Member
Coordinator, Benefits Programs and Strategy
University of California
Joined the Board: 2005

Suliati Boentaran — Board Member
Business Entrepreneur
Joined Gamelan Sekar Jaya Board: 2014

Avi Black — Board Member
History-Social Science, Professional Development Coordinator (Retired), Alameda
Joined Gamelan Sekar Jaya Board: 2016

Bea Deering — Member President (ex-officio Board Member)
Shared Services and Governance Lead, UCPath at University of California Office of the President

Joined Gamelan Sekar Jaya Board: 2015

Sara Gaucher — Vice President (ex-officio Board Member)
Associate Director, Analytics at Amyris Inc
UC Berkeley: Ph.D, Chemistry

Carla Fabrizio — Secretary

Joined Gamelan Sekar Jaya Board: Fall 2016

Todd Greenspan — Treasurer (ex-officio Board Member)
Director, Academic Planning, Office of the President, University of California
Joined Gamelan Sekar Jaya Board: 1998

Emiko Saraswati Susilo — Associate Director of Cudamani
Joined Gamelan Sekar Jaya Board: 2017


SARA GAMBINA BELKNAP — Managing Director
Joined the Staff in 2006

Sara has held a management position with Gamelan Sekar Jaya for over five years. Sara received her Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology degree with honors in 2003 from UC Berkeley, with a focus on cultural anthropology and ethnographic video making. Within her professional career, she is committed to serving the public through programs that are not-for-profit, at their core collaborative, cross-cultural, empowering, educational, and serve these basic principles: preserve cultural heritage; innovate within living artistic traditions; and engage dialogue and diplomacy across ethnic, national, and gender lines via arts education and outreach.



 ROSE NISKER — Artistic Programs Manager Joined the Staff in 2012

Rose has been involved in dance and performing arts for over 30 years as a performer, teacher, director and arts  administrator. At the age of eight, she made her debut dance performance with Gamelan Sekar Jaya at the Bali Arts Festival  in Denpasar, and has performed in six tours to Indonesia, EXPO '86 Vancouver, and the World Festival of Sacred Music at  the Hollywood Bowl. She received her BA from UCLA in World Arts and Cultures which included extensive study abroad at  universities in India and Spain. In addition to serving as Artistic Program Manager of Gamelan Sekar Jaya, Rose is the Artistic  Director of Les Aerielles, a youth aerial arts company in Oakland, and a principal actor in the internationally-touring Iranian  theater production, “Feathers of Fire.”

KATIE HARRELL - Administrative Assistant
Joined the Staff in 2017 
Katie Harrell is a musician and admin professional, who has been performing with Gamelan Sekar Jaya since 2013. In 2015, she was awarded a Fulbright scholarship for a year-long study of vocal music in Bali, where she studied the vocal styles of tembang, kidung, kakawin, and wayang kulit. Katie received her Bachelor of Music in Music Theory and Composition from Stetson University in 2011 and her Master of Arts in Composition from Mills College in 2013. 


STAR Committee

Bea Deering— Member President [ex officio board member]
Sara Gaucher—Vice President [ex officio board member]
Carla Fabrizio—Secretary 
Todd Greenspan—Treasurer [ex officio board member]
I Made Moja—Cultural Consultant
David Aue—Gong Kebyar Coordinator
Steve Johnson—Angklung Coordinator
Alexis Brayton—Jegog Co-coordinator
Galen Rogers—Jegog Co-coordinator
Monali Varaiya—Dance Coordinator
Sarah Willner—Gender Coordinator

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