Guest Artists

Central to the group’s success is the presence of master Balinese artists. More than fifty of Bali’s most brilliant performers have joined Gamelan Sekar Jaya as artists-in-residence, for periods ranging from one month to two years. They lead rehearsals and performances, and are featured in workshops, school programs, and lecture-demonstrations.

Current Guest Artists

Spring Season 2016!

Rising Star of Balinese Performing Arts Returns for a Second Residency with GSJ! 

IDA BAGUS MADE WIDNYANA is a virtuosic young composer, performer, and teacher, and is considered one of Bali’s ‘rising stars’. A graduate of Composition from ISI Denpasar, he’s won awards such as Composer and Performer Award from GEOKS, Best Performer in Graduation from ISI and Composer Award from the Festival of Arts, Indonesia. Widnyana is in high demand throughout Bali and abroad for his exceptional skills in composition, leadership, and musical performance. Many of his compositions have been featured in the gong kebyar competition at the Bali Arts Festival (PKB) in Denpasar. Widnyana has taught internationally at University of California at Berkeley, University of Richmond, Juilliard, Holy Cross University, and performed abroad for Body Music Festival, World Sacred Music Festival, Festival TongTong in Holland, Expo Aichi Japan, Martha’s Vineyard, and Festival Halla in South Korea.


As an original founding member of Gamelan Çudamani for over a decade, he continues to work with them regularly while also teaching gamelan groups all over Bali. He has held the position of Director for Sanggar Candra Wirabhuana in the village of Ubud and currently directs the youth gamelan group in his native village of Tulikup. 

A young and passionate culture-bearer, Widnyana’s in-depth knowledge and deep respect for Bali’s unique gamelan traditions is evident in the breadth of repertoire he is able to teach and perform, and in the historical and anthropological contexts he incorporates into his teachings and composition. 


April 2016 - June 2016

I Made Keranca is a legendary dancer, revered as a artistic leader with an unparalleled understanding ofkebyar repertoire. The grandson of Pan Wandres, the creator of Bali's masterpiece Kebyar Legong, he disseminates work to students from Indonesia, North America, Japan and Europe through rigorous teaching. He has led ensembles including Terangbulan (Japan), Dharma Suara and GSJ (USA), and Dwi Mekar (Bali). Recently he was the featured soloist at the Intl Conference for North Balinese Culture.

Balinese Guest Artists Since 1979  

Our warmest appreciation and respect go to the many Balinese artists who have joined Gamelan Sekar Jaya in California as guest directors of music and dance over the years. These include:

(Not listed here are all the wonderful artists who have taught music and dance to Sekar Jaya during our tours to Bali.) 

Desak Made Suarti Laksmi  
I Dewa Ketut Alit Adnyana
I Dewa Putu Berata
I Gede Oka Artha Negara
I Gusti Agung Ayu Warsiki
I Gusti Ayu Srinatih
I Gusti Putu Alit Aryani
I Ketut Gede Asnawa
I Ketut Kodi
I Ketut Partha
I Ketut Wirtawan
I Komang Astita
I Made Arnawa
I Made Sidia
I Made Sija
I Made Subandi
I Made Terip
I Nyoman Catra
I Nyoman Cerita
I Nyoman Kariasa
I Nyoman Sumandhi
I Nyoman Wenten
I Nyoman Windha
I Putu Putrawan
I Wayan Budiarsa
I Wayan Dibia
I Wayan Lendra
I Wayan Rai
I Wayan Sinti
I Wayan Sujana
I Wayan Suweca
I Wayan Tembres
Ida Ayu Diastini
Ida Ayu Sinaryati
Ida Ayu Ketut Suciawani
Ida Bagus Made Widnyana
Ni Ketut Arini
Ni Ketut Suryatini
Ni Made Wiratini
Ni Nyoman Sutiari
Ni Putu Lastini
Ni Wayan Iriani
Tjokorda Istri Putra Padmini


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