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Gamelan Sekar Jaya’s Master Artists-in-Residence and Senior Members are available and eager to share their talents and enthusiasm for the Balinese arts. Whether it’s cross-cultural education or riveting music and dance performance, Gamelan Sekar Jaya thrives on serving the needs of our community. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.


Invite Gamelan Sekar Jaya to your school, workplace, or community center! Master Artists-in-Residence from Bali and senior company performers bring the beauty and drama of the Balinese arts to you.



This is our most requested program. Three to six performers, including master Balinese Artists-in-Residence, come to your school and demonstrate gamelan instruments, dance, costumes, and how they all fit together. Bali’s ethos of balance, harmony, and interdependence shines through in the glittering quality of interlocking rhythms, melded with Balinese flair for dramatic presentation. This can be tailored for any size audience or assembly.


For students 8 and up, in groups of up to 18 children. This can either be a one-time session or a multi-week program. Students get to play the gamelan angklung, a 4-toned orchestra, which is an ideal size for both children and adults. The angklung orchestra is made up of metallophones and gongs of various sizes and can be transported to your school.


Lectures, demonstrations, small performances, residencies, and other programs for schools, universities, and corporate team-building functions are available. Our educational programs can be customized to fit your need. We have presented a variety of workshops related to Balinese arts, from making traditional offerings, to the history on Balinese puppetry, to multi-week school residencies in Balinese arts, music, dance, and theater.


GSJ provides private instruction in Balinese music or dance with Master Artists-in-Residence and senior company members. We offer 45 minute, 60 minute, or 90 minute appointment slots that fit your schedule. Contact us to let us know what you would like to study, your experience, and when you would like to set up a lesson. See all teaching artist bios here.


From Davies Symphony Hall to the Starline Social Club to private wedding receptions, performing is what we do best. If you are interested in booking one of GSJ’s ensembles at your venue or event, please contact us.