FALL 2019

Your membership contributions are a signification portion of the group's income and we strive to keep them at a minimum while also maintaining a full and engaging offering of classes, rehearsals, and performances to our members. Membership contributions are tax deductible!

There are two ways to pay your membership contributions:

1. MONTHLY Automatic Payments With PAYPAL

With this option, you can set up automatic recurring payments with PayPal. Recurring payments are $49 per month.

2. SEASONAL PAYMENT (Once a season)

Pay once at the beginning of each performance season. Cash and check are also accepted.

Recurring Membership
Seasonal Member Contributions


Policy Updated 9/2014

The deposit for new and returning members to Gamelan Sekar Jaya is $100. All members who joined the group September 2014are required to pay an additional deposit of $60. This policy came into effect when the group acquired new uniforms in September 2014.

Costume Deposit Options

Costume Parts Glossary

Jas: Men’s jacket

Kebaya: Women’s blouse

Kamben or kain (men and women): the 2-3 meter cloth worn on the lower half of the body (kain means cloth; kamben is the Balinese word for the specific garment)

Saput (men): the cloth worn over the kamben

Udeng (men): the hat

Slendang (men and women): the narrow cloth worn around the waist by both men and women. For men it helps to keep the kamben and saput in place. A slendang is required for entry to temples (in Bali) and during prayers.

Pakaian Adat: the full costume set; traditional Balinese clothing

Returning your costume if you leave GSJ:

• Return your costume cleaned and with all pieces to receive your full $100 deposit. 

• If the costume is not cleaned, you’ll receive $50. 

• If pieces are missing you’ll be charged the fees for loss described below.

Fees for loss of costume pieces:

• Jas or Kebaya: $75
• Udeng: $40
• Saput: $40
• Kamben: $40
• Slendang: $10
• Full costume replacement: $205