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Jan 2015 - June 2015

BAPAK I MADE ARNAWA (Guest Music Director Jan – June 2015) is a prolific composer, performing musician and teacher. He comes from the artistically rich village of Tunjuk in the west Bali district of Tabanan, known for its diverse performing arts traditions in music, dance and wayang (shadow puppet theater). He was a senior faculty member in the krawitan (music) department of ISI Denpasar (the National Institute of the Arts in Bali, formerly known as STSI). He has composed extensively for Balinese gamelan orchestra, especially in the forms known as kreasi baru and lelambatan, and his works have won highest awards on several occasions in the annual Bali Arts Festival, and were featured in Jakarta’s prestigious Art Summit. His most recent works are experimental in nature, exploring new textures, meters and forms including cutting edge minimalist compositions commissioned by Giovanni Sciarrino, and several compositions for local artist Wayne Vitale. Arnawa has performed internationally in Taiwan, Australia, India, several European countries, and the United States. 

Aug 2014 - June 2015

EMIKO SARASWATI SUSILO, (Guest Dance Director & Company Director), is a dancer, singer, and musician who has been active in Balinese and Javanese arts for 29 years. The daughter of esteemed Javanese musician Hardja Susilo and dancer/arts presenter Judy Mitoma, she was surrounded by great artists from a young age. She played gamelan informally as a child and began to study Balinese and Javanese dance with Ni Made Wiratini and the late master KRT Sasmintadipura. She began teaching Balinese dance twenty two years ago and sixteen years ago became a founding member of Çudamani where she is now Associate Director. She joined Gamelan Sekar Jaya as a student of dance and gamelan in 1991 and has since held successful residencies as Guest Dance Director, and is now serving as Company Director.

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Edith MenardMichael TenzerGarry Kvistad
Emily RolphMiguel FlorezZac Morrison  
Esther AssaadMike CrainZoe Maxon



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Sound Samples

Jaya Semara - Gong Kebyar ensemble (1994)

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Telek - Gong Kebyar ensemble (1999)

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Swia - Angklung ensemble (2004)

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