Ensembles, performances, education  

Gamelan Sekar Jaya comprises several kinds of gamelan orchestras—currently including kebyarangklungjegog, and gender wayang—and dancers. True to the Balinese tradition, musicians and dancers learn through direct imitation and training from master musicians, without the aid of notation. In various combinations, these ensembles have presented over five hundred concerts in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. The organization hosts an extensive educational program, offering workshops and classes in Bay Area schools and community centers, bringing understanding and appreciation of Balinese arts to diverse audiences.

Creation of New Work  

The vibrant community of artists, students, and supporters that has formed within and around Gamelan Sekar Jaya reflects Bali’s living artistic traditions. In addition to its work in traditional arts, the group has sponsored the creation of more than eighty new works by Balinese and American artists, in major projects supported by the NEA, the MAP Fund, The Willam and Flora Hewlett Foundation, the National Dance Project, and many other foundations and individuals.